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Google advertising is best defined as a targeted marketing of your site, store, or portal using keywords. You can focus on the target group of customers by investing advertising resources in an exclusively essential segment of people for you. You segment the market according to demographics, viewing times, technical accessories (smartphones, tablets, computers), user language, etc. and avoid unnecessary spending of your advertising assets.

Google advertising is a pay-per-use method of marketing through which results are reflected by the amount of funds you spent on your campaign. Funds spent are increased in proportion to the number of clicks your ad has received. But they increase the chance of buying. Google advertising is a pay-per-use method of online advertising that can help you achieve much more than other advertising forms.

Google Advertising is an online tool that allows you to control the anticipated assets intended for marketing through this channel. It also provides you with reports that allow you to monitor the progress and relevance of selected keywords. You can also use Google Advanced Analysis Google Analytics for an even more detailed analysis of your site and its traffic.