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We help choosing the right channels of social media and establishing them, which are important and appropriate for your business, product or service; We strategically plan and manage market-communication activities in social networks; Creating content and implementing communication on the following and described social networks; Designing and implementing creative solutions for all digital media.

The community that is created on Twitter is important to keep alive and keep adding new people. If you want to build a community, you need to give users the reason to become followers of posts. It differs significantly from other ways of Internet messaging in that the message is public, intended for a wider audience, not only to certain addressees.
In an increasingly widespread use, Instagram has become an indispensable strategic marketing plan for brands. Using images and photos is still the most common form of communication, and this is why this application is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the video is a 15 second presentation, which is a great opportunity for advertising. These can be exclusive wallpapers, live broadcasts, video product presentations and more.
Publishing images on Pinterest acts as a virtual bulletin board, where users can pinch creative and interesting images. It is possible to create several smaller board boards by categories so that posts are organized. Each board’s settings are optional for easier reach of the target group. If a user wants to track only certain topics, he only chooses tracking a specific board. Considering that most people are visual types (consequently, Pinterest is such a popular and growing social network), the names of the boards are not read at all. it is possible to read only the first few names, and the others simply visualize and stop at the pictures that get in their eyes. More than 80% of Pinterest pins are re-pinned because people simply visit Pinterest and pinch what they like. This does not happen on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
Online Business Card. Space where you find business partners, suitable staff for your business, getting free publicity and more. A good channel where the company is also presented as a potential employer.
An interesting blogging platform that has created a somewhat different blogging culture with the emphasis on simplicity and focus on individual content. The founders have done a great deal to expand blogging to the general public. The main reason for this is the ease of blogging and the ease of monitoring other blogs running through the same interface.
A website that allows users to upload large amounts of images to a web server and create online albums.